Thursday, 19 June 2014

Arranging First Engagement Meetings

Phoned several people at the school to arrange meeeting and pitching to them the idea of Juxtalearn stretching outside of science and technology within their school. We had originally thought that humanities was a good direction to go in. But our contact on the leadership team was a bit negative saying that he wasn't certain there were teachers there that he could say would be responsive to a Juxtalearn trial. I suddenly had a brainwave 'what about Drama, performance arts' BUT do they have threshold concepts? I rang several people at the school but they all weren't in. So I left a voice message with a 30 second pitch for juxtalearn. Later that same day they responded (while I was in a meeting) so I have a several voice mail recordings with different teachers. First one from the leadership team rang and left a message saying: "Sounds FAB, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Please... thank you everso much for considering us..." Other teacher from the drama department said: "In short the answer is YES, YES, YES, YES, YES PLEASE. Anything you have for myself and probably ***** just assume we are going to say yes... Sounds absolutely fantastic very much like what we want to do, I've already got ideas for the content, for the stumbling block or the threshold, whatever term you use, so I know where I'd like it to head. So the answer is yes."

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